Just slide your arms in, embrace the coziness, and let our blankets wrap you in a warm hug!

At Moon Sonder™ our mission revolves around delivering comfort, warmth, and joy to individuals of all ages. Our Dreamighty® wearable throw blankets are crafted for adults, providing a hands-free snuggle companion. Our Super Blanky® wearable costume blankets with coordinating character masks are specially designed for kids, fostering playtime and comfort.

The wearable throw blankets that bring dreamy and cozy comfort for everyone on your gift list!

Our Dreamighty® by Moon Sonder™ throw blankets are like warm, cozy hugs in wearable forms, perfect for snuggling up on a game day or adding some style to your home decor. They're the Swiss Army Knives of blankets, with flat pocket sleeves that make it easy to switch from couch potato to adventure-ready in seconds. Who needs a lap blanket and decorative throw when you can have it all in one?

For our little dreamers, Super Blanky® is specially designed for kids, offering the same delightful warmth and imaginative fun. So go ahead, treat your little ones to the gift of cozy comfort and endless adventures. With Dreamighty® and Super Blanky®, they can wrap themselves in warmth and let their imaginations soar.

Whether you're a kid or an adult you'll love our plush, hands free, stay on throw blankets!

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Who We Are

Karen Bonnici, CEO & FOUNDER

Over 10 years ago, our founder Karen Bonnici handcrafted superhero blankets for her nieces and nephews, who absolutely loved them. After redesigning the blankets, filing patent applications, and creating adult and teen sizes for her own children, she showcased her new invention at a local craft fair. The tremendous response she received led her to begin selling to family, friends, and at vendor shows. Eventually, Karen discovered the world of licensing and signed a deal with a fantastic partner, leading to the launch of Super Blanky® for kids in Target® stores across the country.

Despite her belief that her unique wearable throw blankets were also perfect for adults and teens, she struggled to find a licensing partner to help expand. So, she founded Dreamighty® by Moon Sonder™ with a mission to spread warmth, happiness, and the belief that we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Unfortunately, while developing her new brand, Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. However, she refused to let the diagnosis halt her plans. The day prior to surgery, she put down a deposit with her factory and officially established her new adult and teen line.

Since the pandemic made it difficult to spend time with loved ones during her treatments, Karen came to appreciate how a cozy blanket and a message of warmth from family and friends can be a powerful source of comfort. Through her healing process, she found strength in the most vulnerable and soft places, learning that we can do hard things and become more resilient in the process.

Working on Dreamighty® by Moon Sonder™ provided Karen with the perfect distraction during her cancer treatments, and having something to be excited about was the best medicine. Today, three years later, Karen is cancer-free and continues to work on her thriving business with daily gratitude.

So whether you're fighting dragons or just battling the snooze button, let Dreamighty® by Moon Sonder™ give you a friendly nudge to remind you that you've got this! We wish you an indomitable spirit, gentle days, and mighty dreams.

From our happy customers

My wife is a cold baby, LoL so she loves to have a extra blanket on. It helped her out a lot when she had covid. I highly recommend this I got my wife and daughter one . Sometimes when we watch movies together as a family the girls are all cuddled up in their Robe blanket.

Timothy Vick

Love this blanket! So soft and cuddly. The sleeves are awesome! You can get up and move around & stay warm. I order this for myself and a friend. My daughter keeps stealing mine! I will be ordering more for sure. Great Christmas gifts.


I love this so much I wanted to share with my team at work! I ended up buying them for my entire team for Christmas! When you put your arms in the pocket sleeves there is plenty of material to stay over your shoulders and wrap the blanket around you and cover all of you. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a warm, soft, larger blanket!!!


This is perfect for cozying up to my desk and getting some work done without heating up the entire house. Just one problem… the cats think that I got it for them. It holds up pretty well in a tug of war.


Gave this to a nursing mother who often tries to hold onto a lap blanket while nursing and she is cold. The interesting design of the "inside sleeves" makes it easier to hold everything together. A good blanket for anyone who dislikes a shifting blanket while watching T.V., working on computer, etc.


Gave to my wife for Christmas what a wonderful gift soft comfort inn every time she has it on it’s like I give her a hug love it!


I love love love this blanket! The arm pockets are so much better than the sleeved blanket I own. I get too hot and sweaty in the sleeved one. This one stays on while I go about my day without smothering me. Long enough to snuggle up in but not so long that it drags on the floor (I'm 5'3"). It's particularly fabulous for working at my desk - I've got the freedom to type etc and the blanky stays right where I want it.


I bought 3 of these to give as gifts and everyone loved it. Soft and warm, what more could you ask for?

Kerri S. White

I gave this gift to my friend for her birthday and she was thrilled!

Edna R. Briggs